Top 10 Free Guitar Lesson Sites

Suitable for Beginners and Beyond

Just for you, our team took a couple of weeks to sift through over 100 sites that offered free guitar lessons, and free guitar lessons for beginners.

We picked 10 -- okay, 11......of the most useful site for you to visit, all here in one convenient chart.

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If you finish with all these free guitar lessons, then you can visit the entire 100 sites on the larger chart, here, coming soon.

We chose these sites based on our concept of quality, useful guitar lessons, suitable for beginners and beyond. We don't like pop-up ads, too many content ads, or lots of annoying animated banner ads, so sites with too many of those items are not on this chart.


Top 10 Free Guitar Lesson Websites

No. Alexa Rank Website URL Description Cost, if any
1. 11,021 Official site of Gibson Guitars. These are free lessons from many different publishers. Sample titles of free beginner lessons include: How to play "No Fun", Freddie King Style Blues Guitar Licks, Guitar Riffs Behind the Slide, How to Play "Happy Birthday" using three chords, How to Play "Amazing Grace" with just three chords, and more. 100% Free
2. 12,521 Based in Norway. In addition to 133 free video tutorials, this site has guitar tabs, guitar chords, and lyrics. The site formats your tabs, lets you transpose them into a different key and store them in your personal songbook. 100% Free
3. 36,183 Completely free online pro guitar lessons from Justin Sandercoe. A huge range of video, audio and text lessons on many topics including a complete beginner's course, blues, jazz, rock, techniques and equipment. Payment by voluntary donation only :) all free. Somoe beginner's course topics include Stages 0 through Stage 9: Guitar Anatomy, Body Posture and Finger Placement, How to read TAB and chord boxes, Easy songs for Stage 1, Stage 1 practice schedule, and much more. Bonus: Some topics are in English but also available in Serbian, Romanian, German, Spanish, French. 100% Free
4. 114,017 Wholenote is a free on-line community and education-based site for guitarists. It's designed to enable guitarists of all skill levels and styles to simply point or click or type to share information about all things guitar over the Internet in a manner previously unavailable. Its main educational focus is to provide tools for those that are knowledgeable to create on-line music lessons from which other visitors can learn, thereby creating a collective knowledge that all can use to further their own playing, and to allow visitors to access this knowledge in a fast and intuitive manner. Some titles of the free beginner guitar lessons are: Introduction to Guitar, Getting Started, Technical Exercises, Easy Soloing in D, Analysis - Play along with anything, The 5 Most Commonly Used Chords, Moving Open Chord Shapes, Speed Picking Exercise, Finger Exercises, Guitar Rhythms, Improvising - a Guide for Beinners, and much more. 100% Free
5. 66,324 Over 100 free guitar lessons provided by Kirk Lorange for free, on video and print. You can buy downloadable lesson packages and his book. Join the community to gain access to the free lessons. Some titles include: Finger-style blues, finger-style 101, House of the Rising Sun, Capo Lane, Dayhdream Blues, Easy Pickin, Funky Acoustic Rhythm, Dylan Blues, The Arpeggio Blues, 12-Bar Riff, Flamenco Malaguena, Jazzy Finger Style, and much more. Members can also submit lessons and articles. Over 100 Free Lessons with extra packages and a book you can buy.
6. 132,338 47 excellent free lessons on the basics of playing and theory, by Patrick MacFarlane. If you want to learn more from Patrick you can buy his book for $19.99 (.pdf) or $24.99-Hard copy. Video lessons for a fee. Excellent resources and charts. Free guitar lessons include the following titles: Guitar Anatomy, Stringing/Tuning, Playing the Guitar, Learning the Fretboard, Reading Standard Notation, Reading Tablature, Reading Scale and Chord Charts, Flatpicking Technique, Fingerpicking, Intervals, The Major Scale, Chord Progressions, Circle of Fifths, Bar Chords, Power Chords, and much more. 47 Free lessons. Fee-based lessons and book available, also.
7. 51,676 Guitar education site featuring free online lessons, musician columns, and theory pointers. Some of the beginner lesson titles are: Strumming for Beginners, Easy Songs for Beginners, Absolute Beginner, Horse With No Name - The Simplest Song, Soloing and Improvisation, etc. Site is created by Paul Hackett, founder and owner, and David Hodge, Lead Editor and Senior Columnist. 100% free, with option to donate.
8. 99,228 Site created by Dirk Laukens in Belgium. Free guitar lessons and forum. Includes lessons, sheet music, reviews, forum, downloads, and more. Free Jazz Guitar Chords e-book, The Modes, the BeBop Scale, the Lydian Dominant Scale, The Pentatonic Scale for Jazz Guitar, The Altered Scale, Chromatics, How to Improvise Over Major Chords, and much more. 100% Free, with links to books and products to buy.
9. 143,206 Over 150 free lessons include acoustic, beginner, blues, electric and more, premium lessons available also which include downloads, DVDs and more. Some titles of beginner lessons include: Barre Chords, Beginning Scales, How to Read Guitar Tabs, Reading Fingering Notation, Standing Position, Chromatic Scale, Reading Hammer Ons & Pull Offs, and more. 150 free guitar lessons. Premium lessons start at $4.99; videos and books available also.
10. 179,235 Guitar Player Magazine featuring free online acoustic and electric guitar lessons, tutorials and videos for both beginner and advanced. Click on the "lessons" tab. I counted about 91 lessons. Some topic titles include: A Lap Slide Lesson with Jerry Douglas, 10 Things You Gotta Do to Play Like Joe Walsh, Blues Hues, 10 Things You Gotta Do to Play Like BB King, Frank Zappa - Guitar Heroes A-Z, How to Play "Out with Symmetrical Scales, Finger Picking Flash, and more. About 91 Free Lessons. Links to guitar sites and info.
11. 612 Free lessons and claims to be the largest archive of tabs on the web. Also includes musicians' forum, music news, gear and CD reviews, contests. Beginner lessons include: In The Beginning, Exercises, Learn Simple Ways to Play Good and Fast, Time Signatures, Tuning Your Guitar, Beginning Arpeggios, Guitar Crash Course, Tabs: Terms and Techniques, and much more. This is number 11 on my chart, because unfortunately there are some pretty distracting banner ads. 100% Free

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