Learn Bass Guitar Easy

Learning bass guitar can be easy and fast using all the free resources available on the Internet today, including YouTube. Use the chart below for the Top 10 Free Bass Guitar Lesson Sites Online. (Okay Top 17.)

For instance, "Watch and Learn Music Lessons" has many free bass guitar lessons on YouTube.

The absolute best way to learn bass guitar is to take lessons in person from a teacher, and then work your way through some online bass guitar lessons, using computer tools and applications, and also some books and videos.

Don't forget to join a bass guitar group online, where you can ask questions and pick up tips and advice about playing bass guitar and learning bass.

We've done the research for you, again!


In the chart below of Free Online Bass Guitar Lessons, we list 17 of the top Internet sites that show you how to play bass guitar online. (We just like to call it "Top 10 Bass Guitar Sites", because most people are searching for the top 10, not the top 17.)

These bass guitar lesson sites are listed in order of popularity, calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews over the past three months.

We will be adding more links to sites that teach bass guitar, so keep checking back!

Learn Bass Guitar Easy
Top 10 Free Bass Guitar Lesson Sites - Online

1 eHow.com - Play Bass Guitar
Note: If you use Firefox, you need Flash Player, and you might have to put up with a short lead-in commercial on each of these videos.
eHow - How to Play the Bass Guitar: Video Series. Carl Shepard from Keller Music in Ohio is the presenter. There are 46 videos in this series.

Titles include:
  • How To Play 1-4-5- Bass Guitar Progressions
  • Alternate Fingering Exercises for Bass Guitar
  • How to play a Blues Scale on a Bass Guitar
  • How to Control Volume and Bass Guitar Tones
  • and more . . . He will teach you how to perform advanced finger picking exercises as well as various hammer techniques.
2 8Notes.com - Bass Guitar Riff Lessons 13 Free Bass Guitar Riff Lessons:

Titles include:
  • Smile - Lily Allen
  • Soul Man - Blues Brothers
  • Naughty Girl - Beyonce
  • 12 Bar Blues on D - Richard X
  • Bad - Michael Jackson
  • Hung Up - Madonna
  • Fresh and Clean - Outkast
  • A Place For My Head - Linkin Park
  • Real - Jennifer Lopez
  • Don't Call Me Baby - Madisson Avenue
  • Bad Boy for Life - P"Diddy
  • Sweet Child O Mine 1- Guns N Roses
  • Sweet Child O Mine 2 - Guns N Roses
  • and more . . .
3 BassMasta.net Bassmasta.net has Bass Videos, Bass Tuner, and Free Bass Tabs. To access the video lessons you must join the Bass Camera subscription. Learn at your own pace with instructors from around the Globe.

Titles include:
  • How To Read Bass Tabs
  • Bass Slap Exercises
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn Crossfire
  • John Mayer Heartbreak Warfare
  • McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin Us Now
  • and more....
We counted 62 Beginner Bass Lessons.
$4.99/month, or
Even though it's not free,
it's a small price to pay.
4 FreeGuitarVideos.com - Bass Guitar Lessons FreeGuitarVideos.com has 16 free bass lessons, with options to purchase the premium lessons for about $4.99 each.

Titles of free lessons include:
  • Tuning Your Bass
  • Bass Intonation Adjustments
  • Right Hand Techniques
  • Left Hand Techniques
  • Beginning Blues Basics
  • Funk Rock in E
  • Funk Rock in Am
  • Get Your Groove On
  • Professional Bass Amp Setup
  • Octave Slap Pattern
  • Easy Victor Wooten Style Line
  • Easy Victor Wooten Style Line 2
  • Easy Victor Wooten Style 3
  • Easy Victor Wooten Style 4
  • Choosing a 4, 5, or 6 String Bass
  • 5 String: Right Hand Technique
  • 6 String: Right Hand Technique
5 StudyBass.com By Andrew Pouska. A rich, interactive online educational resource for bass. It is a great supplement to private lessons, especially for beginners.

Some Lesson titles include:
  • Bass Basics
  • Bass Technique
  • Reading Music
  • Practicing
  • Common Bass Patterns
  • Rhythm
  • Intervals
  • Bass Scales
  • Bass Chord Patterns
  • Harmony
  • Blues Bass
  • and more . . .
6 Guitar.com Site by D'Addario &Company, Inc.

Some Lesson titles include:
  • Electric Bass Guitar Tuning
  • Electric Bass Guitar Overview
  • Matthew Garrison: Born to the Bass
  • Bass Guitar Overview
  • Meet Harley Peavey - Founder, Peavey Electronics
  • How to Buy Your First Bass Guitar
  • Dave Ellefson: Life After Megadeath
7 BassPlayer.com Bass Player Magazine has a section for free lessons, in addition to bass player news, artists, gear and community.

Bass Lesson titles include:
  • Bryan Beller Strikeforce Masterclass
  • Lithium: Song Demonstration
  • Lithium: Breakdowns & Insights
  • Brazilian Girls' "All About Us" - Ex. 1
  • Brazilian Girls' "All About Us" - Ex. 2
  • Brazilian Girls' "All About Us" - Ex. 3
  • Brazilian Girls' "All About Us" - Ex. 4
  • Brazilian Girls' "All About Us" - Ex. 5
  • Silversun Pickups' "Lazy Eye"- Ex. 1
  • Silversun Pickups' "Lazy Eye"- Ex. 2
  • Di Piazza: Intro
  • Di Piazza: Ex. 1
  • Di Piazza: Ex. 2
  • Di Piazza: Ex. 3
  • Di Piazza: Ex. 4
  • Di Piazza: Ex. 5
  • The Shins: "Sea Legs"
  • Double Stops: Ex. 1 - Ex. 4
  • Heatwave: "Boogie Nights"
  • Boston: "More Than a Feeling"
  • and more . . .
8 ActiveBass.com
(Sister site to WholeNote.com)
Interactive bass lessons and bass equipment reviews.

Bass Lesson titles include:
  • Lessons for Beginners
  • A Guide to Arpeggios
  • The Definitive Walking Guide
  • Thirds, Sixths N' Tricks
  • and more . . .
9 CyberFretBass.com Learn to play the bass online, through a variety of free lessons. Lessons use video, audio, flash, MIDI, and tablature.

Some bass lesson titles include:
  • Reading music on the electric bass
  • How to read Internet tablature
  • Learning the Neck
  • Slap Hammer & Pull Exercise
  • Rhythmic Sequencing
  • Walking Bass Made Easy
  • Building Bass Lines
  • Scale Runs
  • Shredding Bass Solos
  • and more . . .
10 BassTabArchive.com Site by David W. Miller. Bass Tab Archive Lessons

Bass lesson titles include:
  • Bass Line Construction
  • Slapping Technique
  • Tapping Technique
11 AngelFire.com - The Bass Guitar Scale Page Explanation of reading bass guitar scales and Bass Guitar Scale Charts.

12 CyberSchoolofBass.com 16 Free lessons from Bunny Brunel.

Bass lesson titles include:
  • Right Hand Fingering
  • Left Hand Fingering
  • The Major Modes
  • C Major Positions
  • Ionian Exercises
  • Slapping Part One: Thumb Slap/Index Finger Pop/Hammer-On
  • Slapping Part Two: Thumb Slap/Left-Hand Slap/Hammer-On
  • Making Bass Lines
  • The Harmonic Minor Modes and Positions
  • The Melodic Minor Modes and Positions
  • The Harmonic Major Modes and Positions
  • The Additional Modes and Scales
  • The Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • Intervals, Chords and Harmony
  • Matching Chords With the Major Modes
  • Matching Chords With the Minor Modes
13 Bass-Lessons.com Beginning bass lessons and advice.

Bass lesson titles include:
  • Tuning the Bass
  • Playing the Bass
  • Holding the Bass
  • Right and Left-Hand Techniques
  • What Are Harmonics
  • Music Theory
  • Intervals
  • Scales
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Modes
  • Reading Music
  • Time Signatures
  • Staff
  • Notation
  • Exercises
  • Practicing Techniques
  • Using a Metronome
  • Intervals
  • Climbing Intervals
  • Arpeggios
  • Chromatic
  • Playing Tips
  • The Bass Player's Job
  • Playing With Your Drummer
  • A-B Parts
  • Conecting Licks
  • Locking in the Root Note
  • Pedaling
  • Taking a Breath
  • Playing with a Chord
  • Less is more
  • Sliding up and down the Neck
  • Videos
  • Links to other bass sites
Free - Donation optional
14 Bass-Me-Up.de Bass Playing and More
Download .pdf exercises and audio examples.

Bass lesson titles include:
  • Bass Improvisation No. 2
  • Bass Dominant Seven Chords
  • Bass Super Blues Scale
  • Bass Mixolydian Scale
  • Bass Blues Scale
  • Bass Minor Pentatonic
  • Bass Scales Unlimited No. 1
  • Bass Major Pentatonic
15 VT2000.com - Basswork A collection of articles covering various topics of bass playing.
Bass article topics include:
  • Bass Music Theory
  • Bass Playing Techniques
  • Bass Practice Methods and Tips
  • Miscellaneous Bass Player Tips
16 Bassick.com A site with bass practice notation, TAB, MIDI, and other practice aides.
17 Free-Bass-Guitar-Lessons.com Some free beginner bass guitar lessons from Scott Noftle.
Bass article topics include:
  • Beginner Bass
  • Bass Warm Ups
  • Advanced Bass
  • Bass Scales Intro
  • Bass Scales Major
  • Major Pentatonic
  • Lydian
  • Lydian Augmented
  • Bebop
  • All the modes of the major scale
  • Bach Fugue on the Bass

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