Free Guitar Tools and Apps

Let's face it - everyone loves a bargain, including guitarists, especially when something is free.

Here are a few essential Guitar Tools and Apps for the beginning guitar player to help them keep in tune, keep in time, look up notes or chords, jam along to tempo, and other devices.

Below we have listed, for your convenience, several guitar tools that you can either download or use online and best of all, it's FREE!

We will be adding more guitar tools and apps as time goes by, so keep checking back!

Free Guitar Tools and Apps

Free Online Guitar Tuner Tune your guitar by clicking on each note. Click/toggle again to turn sound off. For those with an ear for reference pitch, online tuners are a good option. screenshot of free guitar tuner
Guitar Tuner
How to Tune a Guitar An explanation of relative tuning, images of how to tune your guitar, and a list of handy guitar-tuning tips. screenshot of how to tune a guitar
How to tune a guitar.
Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder Gibson Gear has an awesome online Guitar Tuner and online Guitar Chord Finder. screenshot of free online guitar tools
Gibson Guitar Tools
Online Guitar Tuner You might like a more sophisticated online tuner. Try out this tuner and you can also download it for personal use. screenshot of Giesen Interactive Tuner
Geison Interactive Tuner
All Guitar Chords Bookmark this site as "excellent" for guitar resources! Guitar Chords, guitar chord finder, including split chords and chord variations, and guitar chord progressions. Also features standard and exotic guitar scales! screenshot of All Guitar Chords
All Guitar Chords
Free Online Metronome and Cool Beat Track Do you lack the timing needed when strumming? Check out this metronome tool which you can use offline and online screenshot of Wimpy Beat Box
Wimpy Beat Box
Free Online Metronome A very basic tempo device. Helpful when you're online. Instructions are on the site. screenshot of Pure Tone Cyberbeat online metronome
Pure-Tone Cyberbeat Online Metronome
Tuner, Metronome & Chord Finder A fantastic free tool with tuner, metronome and chord finder. Free to download. screenshot of Robo-Guru Tuner, Metronome and Chord Finder
RoboGuru Guitar Tools 1.4
Guitar Chord Explorer An online program that allow you to explore any notes on a 6-string guitar. It has a search engine for the chords you just discovered, a string tuner and allows you to build your own chords quickly. It requires Java on your PC to work. screenshot of Guitar Chord Explorer
Guitar Chord Explorer
Guitar Chord Finder A very simple and easy to use online guitar chord finder screenshot of Guitar Chord Finder
Logue Guitar Chord Finder
Fretboard Note Chart A must-have online tool for beginners. It shows all the possible fingerings for a particular note. Needs Flash to use. screenshot of Fretboard Note Chart from
Fretboard Note Chart - Metronome, Tuner, Tuning Fork Most online guitar tunes just play a note. This app from accesses your microphone to listen to your note! screenshot of three guitar tool applications

Click here for our useful chart of the Top 10 Free Online Guitar Lesson Sites

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