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Everyone needs a convenient way to get to their nirvana drawn in indian ink.

"Nirvana" is defined as Eden: any place of complete bliss and delight and peace.

For me there's no doubt that playing my guitar gives me a way to step out of that bubble of daily stress and overload.

Escape to

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Honestly, when I play my guitar, I stop worrying about other all you need is...

Here's the Joy -- Cool Reasons to Play Guitar

  • Attracting people. Guys who play guitar attract girls, and girls that play guitar attract guys.
  • This hobby pays cash - easy money - $100.00 for a 3-4 hour gig. It's a backup career if you get laid off.
  • Puts your focus on something very cool and beautiful.
  • It's fun.
  • An alternative to sports, if you don't feel like a jock sometimes.
  • You can take it anywhere and it's hugely versatile.
  • Take away boredom without turning into a veggie.
  • You can get in a band - haven't you always wanted to do that?
  • Songwriting - it's easier on a guitar. This is money that pays residuals. Those 30-second songs playing on tv commercials - about $300.00 to $500.00 to the artist every time the commercial airs.
  • If you can't afford to buy someone a gift, just write them a song. It's even better.

Just do it.

I heart my guitar.

I fell in love with my guitar like I've never fallen in love with a person. It's different. It's a relationship.

Learn to play songs that you love, and it will be mucho satisfying. You can always count on your guitar, okay?

Hang in there and keep practicing, and you WILL start to sound good. Don't give up if you get frustrated. It will become easy and fun.

The Right Type of Guitar for You

I think I've given you plenty of reasons to experience the Joy of Guitar. What are you waiting for? Click here for free online guitar lessons: Top 10 Free Online Guitar Lesson Sites

Click here if you still need even more good reasons to play guitar.

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